7 night / 8 days
Activity duration

The goal of the Paths of Istiran Frescoes tour is to show and explain the cultural values of Istria through frescoes to the guests through cycling and hiking tours. What did the frescoes mean to the Istrian peasant, clergy, or nobility? What they told them and how they treated them are some of the questions that would be answered through this itinerary through experienced guides and presenters. Also, this is not a classic cultural tour but includes cycling and hiking activities as well as gastronomic tastings.

Thus, on the well-known route of the former Parenazan railway, we depart from the route and take other roads to get to know the towns of Završje and Oprtalj. Using bicycles as a means of transportation, we want to pay attention to the reduction of CO2 by minimal use of motor vehicles, supporting the international program CarboNZero*.

This Paths of Istiran Frescoes tour will include the organization of transportation, entrance fees to localities, viewpoints, necessary equipment and guides, and accommodation on a half-board basis. The program lasts 8 days. The program does not include incoming/outgoing flights. With this itinerary, we offer guests a variety of destinations, known to the average tourist as Split and Zadar, but lesser known as Buje, Buzet, Mrkopalj, Gospić, and Šibenik. All places offer excellent gastronomic offers (e.g. Buje, Buzet wine, truffles), a family atmosphere (Hotel Japodi in Mrkoplje), or additional cultural facilities (e.g. Šibenik, the old town, fortresses, cathedral). We look forward to seeing you on our cycling and hiking tour!

Day 1

Arrival to Buzet, Istria

Arrival to Buzet and introduction of the program to the group.

POINTS OF INTEREST: Town of Buzet, tasting of local products (brandy)
OVERNIGHT 4* OPTION: Hotel Vela Vrata in Buzet

Day 2

Hiking from Buzet to Hum

From Buzet, we start walking along the 7 waterfalls path towards Hum. On the way, we will pass through Kotle, once one of the richest places in Buzeština, where you can still see old watermills and mills. In Hum, we visit the first church with frescoes, the church of St. Jerolim, where our prominent art historian Dr. Branko Fučić discovered hidden frescoes through a game of similes. After lunch in a local tavern, we go down Glagolitic Avenue towards Roč, where a local fresco connoisseur and guide introduces us to the frescoes of the church of St. Deadline.

WALKING: 13 km, +400/-200m
POINTS OF INTEREST: Cauldrons, Hum, Frescoes in the church of St. Jerolima, Roč, frescoes in the church of St. Roka, Glagolitic Alley, traditional Istrian lunch
OVERNIGHT 4* OPTION: Hotel Vela Vrata in Buzet

Day 3

Cycling from Grožnjan to Oprtlje

We start cycling from the city of artists – Grožnjan. After cycling along the former route of the Parenzana railway, we ascend towards Završje and further towards Šterna and Oprtlje. In Oprtlje or Portola in Italian, which means door, we visit the church of St. Catherine and her frescoes. In the vicinity of Motovun, we have organized truffle hunting and tasting.

CYCLING: 20 km, +400/-350
POINTS OF INTEREST: Grožnjan, Završje, Oprtalj, frescoes in the church of St. Katarine Šterna, Motovun, tasting and looking for truffles
OVERNIGHT 4* OPTION: Hotel Roxanich in Motovun

Day 4

Hiking around Pazin

From Pazina we start on foot towards Berm. On the way to Berm, we pass over Gortan’s hill, a place that the famous Dante Alighieri almost described as the gates of hell due to the view of the Pazin Cave. Near Berm, we visit the church of St. Mary of Škriljah and probably the most famous fresco in Istria – Dance of the Dead.

WALKING: 13 km, +400/-400
POINTS OF INTEREST: Beram, frescoes in the church of St. Marije od Škriljah, Paz Castle, wine tasting
OVERNIGHT 4* OPTION: Hotel Roxanich in Motovun

Day 5

Free day to relax or explore more on your own

POINTS OF INTEREST: the town of Rovinj
OVERNIGHT 4* OPTION: Hotel Angelo D’Oro in Rovinj
Day 6

Walking the Lim Bay and shells tasting

Lim Bay, also known as a fjord, although it is not, the place of the legend of Captain Morgan, we visit it for its excellent oysters and the beautiful trail that goes from the forest of Kontija to the top of Lim. How and why oysters are cultivated and grown in Lim, a local grower will explain to us during a tasting and a boat trip around Lim and the nursery. After Lim Bay, we visit Dvigrad and its frescoes in the local church. On the Italian Duecastella, there is an abandoned town in the middle of Limska Draga.
WALKING: 9 km, +150/-220
POINTS OF INTEREST: Lim Bay, Limska Draga, Kontija Forest, Dvigrad, frescoes in the church of St. Maria
OVERNIGHT 4* OPTION: Hotel Angelo D’Oro in Rovinj
Day 7

Cycling from Žminj to Bala

We start from Žminj and on the way to Savičenta, we visit the Feštinsko Kraljevstvo cave. Before Bala, we turn off the local roads and go towards the church of St. Petra of Vrh, a small church built on a rock. In Bala, we organize a tasting of Istrian olive oil.

INTERESTING POINTS: Žminj, frescoes in the church of St. Troitsva, Feština Kingdom Cave, Savičenta, Grimani Morosini Castle, Church of St. Petra of Vrhu, Bale, Soardo-Bembo castle, Istrian olive oil tasting
OVERNIGHT 4* OPTION: Hotel Angelo D’Oro in Rovinj

Day 8


After breakfast we will take you to the airport, or if you wish to stay longer we are happy to provide additional information.
LOCATION  Istrian Peninsula
INCLUDED 7 x nights 3-4* hotel accommodation

English-speaking guide

Traditional Istrian lunch in a local tavern (Hum)

Presentation and lunch with truffles (Motovun)

Tasting of Istrian wines and visit to the cellar (Motovun)

Shellfish tasting and a boat trip to the shellfish farm in the Lim Bay

Dinners and lunches as in the itinerary


Olive oil, and brandy tasting



Drinks and meals per itinerary

Guide gratitude                                                                 

Adult 1460,00 €
Child 11,99 year 1230,00 €
School groups and private trips price on request
Possible PRIVATE and TAILOR-MADE TRIPS, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.


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