7 night / 8 days
Activity duration

Our Illyrian backroads story tour connects 4 Croatian regions (Istria, Gorski Kotar, Lika, Dalamcija). The plan also follows and connects the former areas where the Illyrian tribes Histri, Liburni, Japodi, and Delmati lived, which offers an additional story to our clients. By combining cycling, walking, and kayaking trips through these regions, we offer lesser-known attractions, that is, we offer and expand additional facilities at already-known destinations.

Thus, on the well-known route of the former Parenazan railway, we depart from the route and take other roads to get to know the towns of Završje and Oprtalj. In Risnjak National Park we also include the top of Snježnik with an attractive view of Kvarner, as well as a lesser-known walk towards Risnjak. In Np Sjeverni Velebit, we replace the widely known walk along the Premužić path with a bicycle path that follows the equally attractive but lesser-known parts of Velebit. The path from Stinice to Np Krk avoids the much more frequented path from Skradin to Skradinski Buk.

Using bicycles as a means of transportation, we want to pay attention to the reduction of CO2 by minimal use of motor vehicles, supporting the international program CarboNZero*.

This Illyrian backroads story tour will include the organization of transportation, entrance fees to localities, viewpoints, necessary equipment and guides, and accommodation on a half-board basis. The program lasts 8 days. The program does not include incoming/outgoing flights. With this itinerary, we offer guests a variety of destinations, known to the average tourist as Split and Zadar, but lesser known as Buje, Buzet, Mrkopalj, Gospić, and Šibenik. All places offer excellent gastronomic offers (e.g. Buje, Buzet wine, truffles), a family atmosphere (Hotel Japodi in Mrkoplje), or additional cultural facilities (e.g. Šibenik, the old town, fortresses, cathedral). We look forward to seeing you on our cycling tour!


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Day 1

Arrive to Buje

Arrival of the group in the vicinity of Buje. After getting acquainted with the equipment (bicycles), the group has a joint dinner with a guide who introduces them in detail to the program.

OVERNIGHT 4* OPTION: Hotel San Servolo, Hotel San Rocco, Villa Morgan in Brtonigla or similar
INCLUDED: dinner at a local restaurant

Day 2

Buje to Motovun cycling

The day begins with a short drive to Momjan, from where we start our bikes towards Grožnjan. After visiting Grožnjan, we join the Parenzana trail, which offers a wonderful view of the Mirna river valley. We depart from Parenzana towards the small town of Završje, where only a few people live today. In Završje or in the Italian Piemonte, which in the last few years has been interesting as a backdrop for the film industry, the leaning tower of the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary dominates. From Završje, via Šterna and Sv Lucia, we reach Oprtlje, where we have an organized lunch. After lunch and a tour of Oprtalj, we descend towards the valley of the Mirna river and take Parenzana to Motovun, where we have an organized wine tasting. Overnight in Buzet.

OVERNIGHT 4* OPTION: Hotel Vela Vrata in Buzet or similar
SIGHTS AND POINTS OF INTEREST: Momjan, Završje, Oprtalj, Šterna, Livade, Parenzana, Buzet, Grožnjan, Motovun
LENGTH OF CYCLING: 55 km, +980m/-1050m
INCLUDED: lunch in an agrotourism, wine tasting

Day 3

Snježnik to Risnjak hiking

After two nights in Istria, we leave for Gorski Kotar, where our walking tour starts from Platka via Snježnik to Risnjak National Park. We enjoy the footpath with a view towards Kvarner. After the hike, we go to Mrkoplje, where we have an organized dinner in the family atmosphere of the Japodi hotel.

OVERNIGHT 4* OPTION: Boutique Hotel Japodi in Mrkoplje
LENGTH OF THE WALK: 17 km +600/-1000m
SIGHTS AND POINTS OF INTEREST: Snježnik, Risnjak National Park,
INCLUDED: dinner

Day 4

Zavižan to Baške Oštarija cycling

From the Japodi hotel, we head towards Zavižan, from where the cycling tour of the northern and central Velebit starts. Croatia’s largest mountain is widely known for its hiking trails, but it also offers numerous macadam roads attractive to every cyclist. From Zavižan to Baški Oštari, we will pass by Rožanski and Hajdučki Kukov, Dabarski Kukovi, and attractive tunnels. Our most demanding tour ends at Baški Oštarije and we head towards Gospić, where we spend the night.

OVERNIGHT 4* OPTION: Hotel Stara Lika in Gospić or similar
LENGTH OF CYCLING: 60 km +700/-1600m
SIGHTS and POINTS OF INTEREST: Dabarski kukovi, Rožanski and Hajdučk kukovi, Np North Velebit,
INCLUDED: Picnic lunch

Day 5

Zadar free day

After the day in which we cycled along the Velebit from Gospić, we head towards Zadar, where the group has a free day to explore and relax in Zadar. Depending on the group on the way to Zadar, we can visit the trail in the Krupa river canyon – the cleanest river in Croatia.

OVERNIGHT 4* OPTION: Heritage hotel Bastion in Zadar or similar
WALKING LENGTH (option): 3km +170/-170m
SIGHTS and POINTS OF INTEREST: the City of Zadar, (option) Krupa river canyon and Kudin bridge.

Day 6

Zrmanja River kayaking

Today, an attractive adventure on a kayak trip in the canyon of the Zrmanja river is scheduled. Waterfalls and rapids and crystal-clear water will delight every guest. After the adventure on Zrmanja, we head towards one of the pearls of the Dalmatian coast – the town of Šibenik, where we will spend the night.
OVERNIGHT 4* OPTION: Heritage Hotel Life Palace in Šibenik or similar
SIGHTS AND POINTS OF INTEREST: Velebit Nature Park, Zrmanja River Canyon, City of Šibenik
Day 7

National Park Krka hiking

Today we get to know the karst tufa phenomenon in the Krka National Park. After a morning visit to the largest waterfall in Skradinskome Buk, we leave by boat for the island of Visovac, which is still the home of the Franciscans. After visiting Visovac by boat, we go to the other side of Visovac lake, from where we start on the hiking trail towards Roškome slap. On an attractive but lesser-known trail, we will pass by the medieval remains of the Kamičak fortress, which historians say was the home of the last Croatian king, Petar Svačić. At the Roška waterfall, we will enjoy the ambiance of an ethnic village and local products, the most important of which is Drniš prosciutto. We are leaving for Split.

OVERNIGHT 4* OPTION: Hotel Luxury Jupiter in Split or similar
WALKING LENGTH: 9km +270/-270m
SIGHTS and POINTS OF INTEREST: Np Krka, Visovac, Skradinski buk, Roški slap, City of Split

Day 8


After breakfast we will take you to the airport, or if you wish to stay longer we are happy to provide additional information.
LOCATION  Istria, Gorski Kotar and Dalmatia
INCLUDED 7 x nights 3-4* hotel accommodation

English-speaking guide

Tickets for the National Park

Dinners and lunches as in the itinerary


Wine, olive oil, and brandy tasting



Drinks and meals per itinerary

Guide gratitude                                                                 

2 pax 3 pax 4 pax 5 pax 6 pax 7 pax 8 pax
Price per person 2980,00 € 2540,00 € 2320,00 € 2190,00 € 2095,00 € 2040,00 € 1990,00 €
for 3th pr. add single suppl. for 5th pr. add single suppl. for 7th pr. add single suppl.
Single supplement  for 3th, 5th and 7th person single supplement is 700,00 €

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