Walking Lim bay tour | Libro Adventures Croatia

Castles of Istra

Cycling Castles of Istra tour will include some of the most interesting cultural sites that are bypassed by most tours and excursions!
7 night / 8 days
National Park North Velebit | Libro Adventures Croatia

Paths of Istiran Frescoes

The goal of the Paths of Istiran Frescoes tour is to show the cultural values of Istria through frescoes by cycling and hiking.
7 night / 8 days
MTB Cycling Railway Parezana | Libro Adventures Croatia

Illyrian Backroads Story

Our cycling Illyrian trails tour connects 4 Croatian regions. The plan is to follow and connect the areas where the Illyrian tribes were!
7 night / 8 days
Cycling Parenzana | About Libro Adventures Croatia

MTB Cycling Railway Parenzana

MTB Cycling Railway Parenzana route is not very demanding. Thus appropriate for beginners, families, and regular cyclists. Parenzana was a 123 km long railway line that went through
3:30 h