Tailored travel by Libro Adventures is a section where you can send us your personal preferences and we will customize the tour for you! We would love to help you plan your trip! Please do to hesitate to contact us. Here you can find a variety from our tailored travel offer. We like to combine accommodations, food, and beverages with activities.  WHAT DO WE DO BEST? We deliver an outstanding experience to our clients through the activities we offer and the history we share along the way visiting Croatia!


We offer all of our tours as tailor-made and customized just according to your preferences. For those who like traveling with friends or family, we offer group tours. You can either gather your own group of up to 14 members or join one of the groups that we form for you and other tourists. Contact us for more details today!


As a team you are out of the field, out of the hall surrounded by an unknown environment focus on completely different things, relaxing your mind ready for further goals before. Enjoy spending time with your best friends from school. We can provide trips from one day to multi-day, from one region to another, following all safety standards.


Team-building is a collective term for various types of activities used to enhance social relations and define roles within teams, often involving collaborative tasks. Many companies are starting to turn to arts-based training programs to build and improve team cooperation. If you are looking for great team-building for your group, we can organize it for you.

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