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Hiking National Park North Velebit | Libro Adventures Croatia

Hiking National Park North Velebit

Hiking National Park North Velebit will steal your heart with its stunning and diverse landscape. Croatia has a lot of wonderful hikes, but Velebit has a special place among them.

6 h
Hiking Nature Park Učka Mountain | Libro Adventures Croatia

Hiking Nature Park Učka

Hiking Nature Park Učka is a great one-day trip from the sea to the top. Učka is one of the most northern landscape points of the Mediterranean and it rises along the coast of the northern Adriatic, in the continental part of Istria.

4:30 h
Poklon, Učka Mountain
Walking Lim bay tour | Libro Adventures Croatia

Walking Lim bay and Kontija forest

Walking at the protected areas of  Lim bay and Kontija will be enjoyable day trip to move from busy coastal towns. Lim bay, also known as “Lim fjord” is offering hidden walks and opportunity to relax and swim.




3:30 h
Lim Bay