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Sea Kayaking Vrsar Archipelago | Libro Adventures Croatia

Hi, I am Ilija! 🙂

This is how it all started. After seven years of working and acquiring experience in adventure travel all over Croatia. With great tour operators that provide such activities in Croatia, with clients all over the world I decided it is time for my own business, so I started one!

Therefore, I started my own company! As I live in Istria the company base is in Porec where I live with my beautiful family. My true love outside my family is nature and everything we can do within it. Meaning, activities as hiking, biking, and sea kayaking. While working as a guide I had the opportunity to get licensed as one, to provide a safe environment for my clients.

Our base for adventures is in Istria.

While Istria’s cities and towns offer plenty of sightseeing options, it’s the picturesque villages that provide an opportunity to sample authentic Croatian life. Join us on our sea kayaking history tour around Poreč town. Learn about the history while paddling, and enjoying. The Porec Riviera is ideal for a sea kayaking trip which will give you the chance to explore it from a different perspective.

Sunset Sea Kayaking Tour | Libro Adventures Croatia

Poreč town is one of Istria’s most renowned tourist destinations. The city has so many faces. Founded in 129. B.C. as a Roman settlement, Poreč (lat. Parentium) has come a long way. A picturesque town, whose identity was shaped through thousands of years. It successfully balances the authentic charm of a small coastal town filled with magnificent historical sites, with the perks and exciting features modern and active travelers expect.

All sides of Istria

Hiking Nature Park Učka is a great one-day trip from the sea to the top. Učka is one of the most northern landscape points of the Mediterranean and it rises along the coast of the northern Adriatic, in the continental part of Istria. Closeness to the sea and high altitude resulted in very diverse flora and fauna. Nature Park Učka is home to over 1,200 plant species, like the Učka bellflower, which grows only on Učka.

Hiking Nature Park Učka Mountain | Libro Adventures Croatia

We could go on, & on & on, but we better stop here. We know that just scrolling without reading the post is not what we want. Therefore we invite you to follow our travel updates and get immersed in the stories we share and maybe you get inspired to come to Croatia!


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