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Via the Libro Adventures Travel Updates, our goal is to keep you updated about Croatia and our ACTIVE & EDUCATIONAL TRIPS! Libro Adventures is a small company from Croatia based in Poreč, Istria. We deliver an outstanding experience to our clients through adventure travel activities and the history of places we visit! Stay tuned!

We agree with people when they say there has never been a better time and a better way to visit Croatia than now. It must be the place your friends are talking about! Join a small group of people, visit the best locations, do the most exciting things, but stay away from the crowds. Enjoy kayaking, cycling, and hiking in and around national parks, and see some of the greatest sunsets. We’re passionate about designing unforgettable travel memories and we would love to create truly authentic experiences for you.

Follow our travel updates, through the stories we share, and get inspired for your next adventure trip to Croatia. We offer all of our tours as tailor-made and customized just according to your preferences. For those who like traveling with friends or family, we offer group tours. You can either gather your own group of up to 14 members or join one of the groups that we form for you and other tourists.

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