Lately, Croatia is a must!

Would you agree, right? We agree with people when they say there has never been a better time and a better way to visit Croatia than now. It must be the place your friends are talking about! Join a small group of people, visit the best locations, do the most exciting things, but stay away from the crowds. Enjoy kayaking, cycling, and hiking in and around national parks, and see some of the greatest sunsets. We’re passionate about designing unforgettable travel memories and we would love to create truly authentic experiences for you.

But, don’t stop there.

Visiting the wineries of Istria is an excellent way to learn all about the history of winemaking in the region, and of course, to sample the products for yourself. Grab that bottle of best red wine you will ever taste and match it with rich seafood cuisine. The cuisine style of Istria is every bit as interesting and exciting as its colorful and diverse landscape. In many of the local restaurants, you can sample gastronomic delights and try our local spirit – rakia.

Sunset Sea kayaking tour | Libro Adventures Croatia

Do unique things!

When exploring the top attractions in Istria, make sure that you visit the historic city of Pula. Alternatively, you can escape to the ancient Roman town of Porec, on Istria’s west coast, or wander through the self-proclaimed ‘world’s smallest town’ of Hum. Join our cycling tour and travel through the idyllic scenery. We cycle by typical medieval towns and villages, across numerous bridges and exciting tunnels. Create unforgettable memories on the most romantic MTB Cycling Railway Parenzana trail in Istria.

MTB Cycling Railway Parezana | Libro Adventures Croatia

The railway operated between 1902 and 1935. It was a vital connection between villages and towns. It used to transport passengers, wine, olive oil, and many other resources. The Parenzana revival project begun in 2006. Finally, the project restored and converted the line into an MTB Cycling Railway Parenzana trail. Therefore, what had once fallen into oblivion, today is known as the most visited cycling and hiking trail in Istria.

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